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The person is receiving a custom orthotics scan

Custom Orthotics & Scans

Foot & Arch Support

Your feet are your body’s foundation, bearing all of its weight and keeping it stable. Custom Orthotics can help you correct natural issues or improve your posture and quality of life.

About Custom Insoles

What are orthotic custom inserts?

Simply put, they are shoes inserts that can help you with foot function relates issues, such as heel pain and arch support. Think Dr. Scholls, but these orthotics are designed specifically for you. These prescription orthotics are crafted to help your feet in their regular function.

Are you athletic? We can also supply specific insoles or running shoes that can more effectively support your feet and ankles. It can even prevent the development of plantar fasciitis, better known as bunions, a painful foot deformity. 

How do I get custom orthotic inserts?

At Northern Ankle Foot Association, we can help you through the entire process for custom fitting your orthotic inserts. We start with a foot scan. This scan of the patient's foot creates a 3D model of their structure. 

We then compare the patient's structure to expected foot form and function. After reviewing the scans, we can create a custom counter insole that helps the foot into it's proper shape and structure. This simple yet elegant shoe insert will help to correct your gait, protecting the foot and ankle and even relieving pressure from the knees and hips.

Are custom orthotics expensive?

On average, custom orthotic inserts can from $200 to over $1,000. Bust where does that price come from?

•    Assessment: The doctor and patient discuss any existing condition and injuries encountered.
•    Scanning & Casting: The doctor will make recommendations after reviewing scans and options.
•    Creation: A prescription from the podiatrist guides the manufacture of the orthoses, using the data from the scans as well as your physiology.
•    Follow Up: The podiatrist will review fit and function to ensure orthotic success and patient satisfaction.

However, it can be possible to have your orthotics covered by insurance. If you have any conditions surrounding the feet or walking, we can help you diagnose and receive benefits.

Should I consider getting custom orthotics?

Orthotic inserts can be an effective way to improve your quality of life, especially if you work on your feet or are suffering from existing foot, walking, or standing issues. Custom insoles can greatly reduce foot pain and restore function rapidly without invasive surgeries.

If you wish to know more about custom orthotics, or want to schedule an appointment, click here.


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